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Best Shrimp & Grits In Orange County, CA

shrimp and grits orange county ca

The Hangout serves some of the best shrimp and grits in Orange County, CA. For those not in the know, it's a traditional southern breakfast dish that grew in popularity after a New York Times article in 1985. Shrimp and grits is the preeminent morning meal in the states of South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi.

For shrimp and grits in Orange County, CA, try our dish of cheese grits, fresh cooked shrimp, crisp bacon, onions, red bell pepper topped with brown gravy. We stay true to tradition but put our own signature on this recipe with cheese and gravy. Grits are stirred slowly to avoid having them settle to the bottom of the pan. 

Here's what some reviewers said:

1. "A group of six college friends and I went to the Hangout for Sunday Brunch.  In short, this place is a high-quality gastro-pub masquerading as the friendliest beach bar in America. I highly recommend the shrimp and grits, the mac and cheese balls, and the thai chicken wings. The staff were adorable and attentive, and earned their big tips!"

2. "I'm not a fan of loud noises or bands but because of the food, I'll listen to anything! Shrimp and Grits so amazing, the southern green is good and my husband ordered the Chili. He was so impressed the chili was spicy and kept talking about that there's cilantro. Didn't see it but he has that satisfied look. The crowd is very casual and I really like the atmosphere. I guess I have nothing else to say but that grit really sticks to your ribs in a good way."

For shrimp and grits in Orange County, CA, we have two restaurants: 

Shrimp and Grits Restaurants in Orange County

For shrimps and grits in Seal Beach, our beachside restaurant has panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and Seal Beach Pier. Parking is free for 2 hours on main Street. We open daily at 7 am each day.

For shrimp and grits in Huntington Beach, our outdoor seating restaurant affords a great late morning meal. We open 11:30 am daily, 7 days a week. We're popular destination for people spending the day at Bolsa Chica Wetlands or Huntington Beach. 

Grits in Charleston, NC*

Grits in Charleston, NC*

The History of Shrimp and Grits

The origin of shrimp grits has a rich and color history. The southern dish up until the mid 1980s flew under the radar. That all changed when New York Times Columnist Craig Claiborne profiled Chef Bill Neal. After eating at his North Carolina restaurant, Claiborne sat down to discuss his passion for southern cooking. From there the dish became popular around the early 1990s.

Shrimp and grits originated in South Carolina's low country. Low country is the coastal area including the islands such as Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach to name a few. Shrimp and grits began as the breakfast for coastal fisherman.

What are Grits? Grits is the name given to ground corn of native American roots. A staple of the south. Grits became the official prepared food of Georgia in 2002.

Fast forward to present day. Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia hosts an annual shrimp and grits festival. 

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